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We want players of all ages to find out where Snooker clubs are at home and abroad.

The grass roots of snooker are the Clubs. If your club is not on the Directory then point them this way to join...

We value comments from Clubs owner/managers, and from Players.

If you think we are missing something that should be on our Directory, then drop us your idea's or comments at,

The Snooker Directory - Details

  • A club page, which include club contact, telephone number, Email, number & types of tables, opening times and prices.

  • An area including a club blog & a space for photos

  • Control panel for editing club page details, blog and photos.

  • Club location automatically placed in map interface.

  • Control panel for uploading photo's from your club

  • Your Club Details are posted on this site automatically after filling out the club on-line member form.